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New Intelligent, Affordable, and easy to use Video Booth Features.


New Video booth Ultimate Video Booth Experience. With the Video Booth, the possibilities are endless! Make your next event memorable by providing an ultimate Video booth experience to guests who will create digital memories of the event and take their digital photos and videos home with them. And, with our Video Booth experience, you can even make your own videos to display on social media or up on a monitor for everyone to see! It’s easy to set up at your event to start capturing all the laughs, smiles, and fun of your family and friends!

When you need to switch up your photo booth game, Our new video booth experience is the way to go. Your imagination and us are the only limits to how much fun you can have!

Why Videos?

Why make your Photo Booth the same old experience booth that your friends laugh at? Now you can produce a Video Experience that is SIMPLY UNFORGETTABLE!

Our new video booth is the ultimate photo booth experience. Let your imagination run wild to create a video message, custom video greeting card, or party favor your guests will love. Our Video booths are very simple to use, just press start and face the camera and you're ready for the show. Capture all the fun of your event by adding slow motion, filters, backdrops, animated effects, and more. Give your events an instant WOW factor with our video Booth.

Our Video booth just like our 360 photo booth comes with lots of special effects which enables your guests to make really cool videos that let them star for themselves!

Our video booth lets you create custom photos and videos.   This easy-to-use system allows users to interact with images, apply filters and effects, record video, add audio and props, share instantly on social media platforms, and more.

Are you looking for the most advanced and easy-to-use video booth?  Give us a call at 917.292.7893 to book your event.

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