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Magazine Photo Booth Box

Also available in other major Philadelphia, Washington Dc, Baltimore, Richmond, Raleigh NC, Charlotte, Atlanta.

A picture is worth a thousand words as the saying goes,  and now there are countless ways to tell a story and capture those priceless moments. With a customized photo booth or photo-op area at an event,  guests will enjoy the fact that there is a way to capture memories with one another but also have a take-home gift of a photo to post and share across all platforms. The Magazine booth also known as the Magazine box is a stunning piece that allows you to customize it to your style.



















You can also make your custom-built frame for a magazine cover open-style photo booth, giving them an opportunity to pose for an increasingly popular photo trend.   As you can imagine, this open-style photo booth presented plentiful opportunities for digital sharing for everyone involved!


Using a full-scale acrylic box, you can create a photo op identical to a magazine. It was a fantastic experience to create something so novel that blended perfectly with the brand and people that were there.  This is a fun photo booth rental for everyone as you and your guest create memories at your event.


It includes personalized Vinyl decals.  You can choose from BRANDED GRAPHIC PANELS OR CLEAR PLEXIGLASS WITH DECALS.   These creative booth designs allow event guests to step INSIDE the Enclosure to have a Branded photo or video captured with their own smartphone cameras.  They can then edit their photos; videos using TikTok, instagram & Snapchat filters to create a Unique & Shareable Experience to post on their favorite social
media pages!


A magazine photo booth essentially delivers instant prints of its users as popular magazine
covers. This may be achieved in several ways. One may either arrange for a greenscreen wherein the background can be modified and updated as desired by each guest for their particular magazine cover setup.   Magazine photo booth rental package can be customized as per your suitability and budget.


The sky’s the limit with the magazine cover photo booth- it can be tailored to incorporate your brand elements and the templates can be altered to imitate any magazine style, along with customized text around the picture to go with the theme and occasion.

Magazine  Photo Booth  Box 
New York-Philadelphia-DC-Richmond-Charlotte-Atlanta

Step Inside The Magazine Box

Popular Magazine Covers

Magazine Photo booth box
Vogue Magazine Photo booth box
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