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Corporate Brand Photo Booth Activations NYC

What is Brand Activation

Brand activation refers to a campaign, event, or interaction through which your brand generates awareness and builds lasting positive connections with your target audience members. Most brand activations are interactive, allowing audiences to engage directly with a brand and its products.

Photo Booth Rentals

Guests taking crazy fun

pictures or gifs in a photo

booth.   Guests will then

take a digital photo or

physical print of the fun

event with your logo on it

and always remember

that fun time every time

they look at the photo.

Have a sponsor offer free water, tea, or hydration drinks at a corporate drink.   You might even offer bottle water with your company logo on it.   Also since everyone has a cellphone or computer that needs to be recharged up at some time, you could offer free wifi and charging stations at your event.



Interactive Games

Guests love to play games at events especially if its a fun game that they don't get to play often.   Some fun games include:

ping pong
air hockey
word scramble games
Jumbo Connect 4
Jumbo Jenga


water bottle.jpg
free wifi.jpg
sample water2.jpg

Free Essentials

Brand Activation Ideas

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