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# 1- Fun

When I think back to any event the first

thing that comes to mind is the pictures I

took to remember the event in the first

place. Let face it we are always looking to

take pictures! Imagine a fun way at any

event to enjoy taking pictures even more

then we already enjoy it. A photo booth!

Having a photo booth at any event gives

everyone the opportunity to be goofy, fun

and unique.  There are always plenty of reasons to have a photo booth at an event but the best reason is to catch a moment in time and remember all the fun you had while taking the picture.

# 2-Timeless moments

While most every event has a

photographer, a photo booth is a unique

way to capture a moment. Using props

and being goofy makes taking pictures so

much more fun. It lets you see a different

side of your guest. There is no better way

to capture a timeless moment then being

in a NYC photo booth posing exactly how you

want enjoying your self taking multiple

pictures of all the fun the event has to

bring. Most photo booths always have props and it makes that moment even more fun. There is only so much a photographer can capture. You can capture you own delightful moments in the photo booth of people acting silly.









#3-Passing time

It always seems like no matter what event I go to that there is always plenty of dead time. Sometimes you just sit at the table waiting for the next event to happen. Well what better way to pass the time then to take pictures in the photo booth. Before you know it time has passed while you were busy taking photos having a blast.



#4-Party Favors


The most unique party favors are the ones that are personalized. How cool will it be to be able to have your guest take home awesome picture from the photo booth with you event written in the pictures. The great thing about photo booths is that you can customize the photo booth to print out whatever you want it to say on it. The best soul food in Brooklyn. Allowing your guest to not only remember that moment but also remember where they were and who’s event they were attending.

Unique guest book

Everyone is always looking for a new and unique way to make their event different. A New York City photo booth rental is just the way to do it. Have all of you guest take a picture in the photo and then put the picture into the guest book and have them sign it or make a note next to their picture. Not only is this unique but it is also a fun activity for you guest to do during the event. It also lets you guest be creative and show their self in a different way.

A photo booth or a Mirror booth will bring fun, entertainment and a unique addition to any event. All of the guest will remember an event with a photo booth because it will bring so much fun and enjoyment. There is really no reason to not have a photo booth at your next event. All there is to decide is when to have the event!

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4 Reasons to rent a Photobooth 

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